Our therapists work with a diverse population of adults, couples and special interest groups. Those who identify in a variety of ways related to age, gender, race, sexuality, culture, and religion have found our work together to be very helpful in navigating the complex issues they’re facing in their lives.

Our Comprehensive Approach To The Healing Process

Here at Brown Therapy Center, we recognize that personal healing and growth often requires looking at many different areas of your life. That’s why we are committed to providing a wide range of interventions so that your treatment plan can be as personalized as possible. Below are some of our main treatment options:

Individual Counseling

If you’ve been feeling stuck, frustrated, and unable to get what you want out of life, our therapists would be honored to help you find peace in the midst of life’s storms. Whether you want therapy for anxiety, depression, trauma, or relationship issues, we are confident that we can help you discover the essence of who you really are and live up to your full potential. 

Ultimately, individual counseling is a journey of self-discovery. We’re not here to slap a band-aid on your struggles—we’re here to help you connect with yourself on a deeper level. Our sessions provide a space where you can uncover hidden parts of yourself and pay attention to what is happening in every area of your life, from your mind to your body to your dreams to your relationships. We want to help you bridge the conscious with the unconscious and find long-lasting relief from your struggles. 

Couples Counseling

If you’re in a relationship that’s beginning to feel stale or unsatisfying, our therapists can work with you and your significant other to explore what’s not working. Rather than simply address surface-level conflicts, our goal is to go deeper. We want to explore the unconscious behavioral patterns that each of you brings to the table and look at how those patterns are fueling the conflict between you. 

After all, no matter how easy it is to lay the blame at your partner’s feet, a relationship can only grow when both parties are committed to the healing process. We want to help you and your loved one transcend toxic communication patterns—such as blaming, name-calling, or ignoring each other—so you can relate to each other with deeper understanding. With our help and support, we are confident that both of you can solve conflict, enhance intimacy, and strengthen your loving bond for years to come.

Telehealth Counseling

In our busy modern world, many of us are pressed for time and find it hard to squeeze self-care into our daily routine. Telehealth provides an easy, convenient way to get the support you need without having to worry about beating traffic or missing appointments. And in the wake of a global pandemic, when there are new health concerns to worry about, it’s a way to stay extra safe and germ-free.

All of our telehealth sessions can be conducted online or by phone while you are in California. The online platform we use is 100-percent HIPAA-compliant, ensuring that you have total privacy during our time together. You can participate in therapy from whatever location is most convenient or private for you. Additionally, if you’d like to pursue couples or family counseling, our sessions allow for multiple people to participate via telehealth at the same time.

Group Therapy

One of our practice’s approaches is group therapy. Although most commonly used for improving relationships with self and others, group therapy can also help reduce symptoms of depression, anxiety, and many other mental health issues.

The fundamental goal of our interpersonal therapeutic groups is to improve the relationship skills of each individual. This is done through a dynamic and evolving series of meetings where members explore different ways of relating to others. Each group forms a unique set of dynamics. Yet, a foundational process exists where members communicate and respond, receive feedback on their impact, and ultimately find new ways of expressing themselves. No matter what you have been through in life, Group Therapy can help you process and resolve the pain of the past and move forward with peace and assurance.

Training For Therapists

If you are in the processing of becoming a clinician, our goal is to equip you with the knowledge, resources, and compassion you need to prepare yourself. The training module draws heavily from Jungian psychotherapy, a field of study inspired by the famous psychoanalyst Carl Jung. You will learn to use a psycho-spiritual approach to explore how unconscious thoughts processes affect patients’ lives. In addition to looking at everyday symptoms, you will look for patterns of meaning and connection in dreams, reveries, and other aspects of the human psyche that are usually ignored by the general materialist approach to psychology. You will learn to incorporate a rigorous knowledge of neuroscience with a holistic, open-minded approach to spirituality, psychology, and the human psyche.

What’s more, our training module provides education on the intersection between social justice and therapy. We explore how racism, classism, sexism, transphobia, and other forms of prejudice are often built into the world of medicine and psychotherapy. By gaining new awareness of how these collective traumas affect people, you can learn to be more empathic in your approach to the healing process. Additionally, our training program itself aims to recruit interns who are from non-dominant groups themselves.

Let Us Help You Move Forward In Life With Peace And Assurance

Whether depression, anxiety, relationship problems, or any other issues are keeping you stuck in life, we are confident that our comprehensive approach to therapy can empower you to break out unhealthy patterns and fulfill your hopes and dreams. To get started, you can call our office at ‪(415) 941-4153‬.


If overwhelming sensations of fear or symptoms of panic have become regular fixtures in your life, anxiety treatment at Brown Therapy Center can help you identify the core of the issue and find relief. 


If you struggle with flashbacks, intense fear, numbness, and feelings of intense anger, guilt, and sadness, trauma treatment at Brown Therapy Center can help you find freedom and relief from your conditioned responses.


If you struggle with feelings of sadness, worthlessness, or a lack of motivation, depression treatment at Brown Therapy Center can help you connect with the deepest parts of yourself so that you can grow and move forward.