Dealing with neglect, abuse, or a lack of comfort and protection in our home early in life can be incredibly challenging. We often develop coping mechanisms in response to these harsh environments without understanding how and why they influence our emotions, self-image, communication skills, and relationships with others.

Traumatic events that can come at any stage in life, such as accidents, violence, or death of a loved one, can also lead to challenging situations that may leave us stuck in problematic and systemic behavioral patterns.

While our coping mechanisms may have been our only options, and may have helped us with day-to-day functioning, they can eventually become problematic, affecting our health and sense of self, and making it difficult to trust and love others and allow them to love us.

Facing our strong reactions and coping mechanisms with someone we trust through an analytic, relational, and spiritual approach can be a powerful, life-changing experience. It can bring us freedom and relief from our conditioned responses, leading to a more embodied and integrated sense of self.

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Many of the men our therapists work with feel like they’re hiding their true selves from even the most important people in their lives. Addressing issues of relationship depth, authenticity, and honesty that men face is an important part of the work that we do in both individual and group therapy.

In our men’s group, men of all ages, backgrounds, and expressions of gender and sexuality are welcomed into an exploration of the ways we struggle with our culture’s narrow definition of masculinity and how it can lead to issues with anger, suppressed emotions, and pressure to look or act a certain way. By addressing these issues together in a safe and honest environment, we can support each other, increase our ability to have meaningful relationships and intimacy with other men, ultimately improving the quality of all of our relationships.

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When our spiritual energy awakens, we crave understanding. Experiencing a new season of life triggered by stress, trauma, medicine work, or spontaneous spiritual energy may lead to new and extreme feelings of emotional intensity. Spiritual Emergence can be a pivotal moment, one marked by equal parts exhilaration and fear, overwhelm and chaos, death and rebirth.

This new expansion can cause us to react dramatically, disturbing the routines of our daily lives. The mundane may feel overwhelming, and our place in the world may feel disorienting, leading us to experience a crisis of mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual identity. We may not recognize ourselves, and it’s possible for those around us to misinterpret our behavior as worthy of intervention or hospitalization.

Our therapists work with individuals experiencing Spiritual Emergence by supporting their process and ultimately guiding them to a place where they can feel grounded in both the physical and spiritual worlds. In our work together, we’ll find ways to support, contain and understand your peak experience and find structure within it, so that you can re-emerge into your life with a deeper understanding of who you are and where you’ve been.

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We all need a relational home, a trusted other who can help us grasp our hopes, our fears, our experiences, and our true selves through the ups and downs in life. Some communities have a particularly strong need for an environment where those things will be accepted, treated with respect, and supported through the growth and healing processes.

Even with all the positive changes happening around LGBTQ rights, individuals, couples, parents and prospective parents in the LGBTQ community still face many unique challenges.

Through our work together, many people from the LGBTQ community who work with one of our therapists have found a safe place to share their stories and explore their lives. Some common issues that arise are related to depression, anxiety, life transitions, difficulties with work or school, sex addiction, substance abuse, HIV/AIDS and other health-related issues.

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As skilled psychotherapists, seasoned guides, and intentional listeners, we’ll join you on your journey where you already are.


In our one-on-one sessions, we’ll take the plunge together to understand what’s missing and where to go next.


Couples work with our therapists to wade the depths of their unconscious in a safe space where feelings can be discussed fairly, freely, and openly.